Finances & Taxes

Competitive Tax Policy

Thanks to a functioning competition at the level of the cantons and municipalities, Switzerland is now a tax-attractive country for companies and private individuals alike. But this significant advantage is not set in stone. The worldwide competition between locations and the international pressure on the Swiss tax system have increased considerably in recent years. This is why we also advocate for a simplified VAT and for tax cuts that benefit no just certain sectors but the entire economy.  

Healthy Public Finances

The Swiss national debt is fairly moderate compared to many other countries. This is at least partly the result of the debt brake, an instrument that was introduced to force political decision makers not to become lightheaded when the going is good in order to make sure that basic government services remain assured even in hard times. This is one reason why Switzerland was one of few countries to reduce its debt despite the financial and economic crisis. We therefore support an expansion of the debt brake principle. Especially in the social insurance sector, Switzerland will not be able to go forward without introducing such a rule.