# 1 / 2023

How Switzerland remains successful - the seven pillars of innovation capacity

What needs to be done by Switzerland to maintain or even improve its innovative capacity in a global comparison? For a country with no natural resources, this question is crucial to maintaining and building on the prosperity that has been created over decades.

Executive summary

Innovation is not only one of the most important factors when it comes to creating prosperity, but also when it comes to dealing with major societal challenges such as climate change or demographic development. As a high-wage and high-cost country, Switzerland must do everything in its power to remain at the forefront of innovation. This is the only way it can stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing competition, secure its prosperity and make significant contributions to solving global problems. This paper outlines the seven most important pillars of a successful and sustainable innovation policy.

Positions of economiesuisse

  • In order to increase its innovative capacity, Switzerland must strengthen the framework conditions for a competitive economy and improve social acceptance of technical innovations.
  • Education is a crucial condition for innovation. A central success factor is the dual education system with a high permeability of educational pathways.
  • To increase innovative capacity, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) disciplines and entrepreneurship must be promoted in schools from an early age.
  • Government spending on education, research and development must be prioritised. Since they only lead to innovations with a delay, a long-term policy is needed.
  • Simple authorisation procedures and open access to global skilled workers are important prerequisites for strengthening innovation. Switzerland must be attractive for the best talents.
  • International networking and cooperation promote cross-border research and business and thus strengthen innovative power.
  • Innovation parks, technocentres and innovation hubs can help SMEs and start-ups to strengthen their innovation capacity through their network effects.

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