Dialog with Business

Why do Swiss people start their own businesses, why do these businesses stay here and why do foreign companies come to Switzerland? As different as the businesses themselves—large, small, national and international—are the answers to these questions. This is why communication between people and the world of business is important. Because the economy is all of us. The economy is jobs, quality of life, and liberties. economiesuisse is proposing a number of initiatives to stimulate the dialog about the economy and, at the same time, learn what's on people's minds.

Events 2017

Bier mit der Wirtschaft an der LUGA, 2. Mai 16.30-18.30, Luzern




Why do employees receive a salary? What are the bilateral treaties I? The answers to these questions can be found in the following video clips which easyvote produced for economiesuisse. The project easyvote of the umbrella organization of the Swiss Youth Parliaments would like to raise the electoral and voting participation of 18 to 25-year-olds by 40 percent in the long term. Click here to view all explanatory videos.




«Inside Economy» is an interactive economic program launched by economiesuisse in tandem with the youth channel joiz. In a mix of talk, quiz and film sequences it acquaints young viewers with the world of economy. What does the economy contribute, how does it work and what does it need?

How a robot milks cows and how noses are printed in 3D: Click here to view all episodes of "Inside Economy" .


Countless Swiss companies perform at the highest level around the world and contribute substantially to the prosperity of Switzerland. Their diverse commitment is also reflected in society. In our monthly series «Pearls of the Economy» we present examples of Swiss businesses that make outstanding contributions to progress for Switzerland.

From an internationally renowned saxophone builder to the global market leader for compression stockings: they are true "Pearls of the Economy".


The Swiss "militia" principle has always been an important pillar of Switzerland's success as a country and contributes substantially to the prosperity of our country. economiesuisse and the employers' association launched a public declaration to strengthen the "militia" concept that was signed by over 200 businesses and associations.

The ways in which organizations support the compatibility of public mandate and occupational activity are incredibly diverse. Nine interviews provide in-depth insights from different perspectives and address significance, motivations and challenges.