Institutional Agreement for Swiss-EU Relations

After extensive negotiation, the draft text of the institutional agreement between Switzerland and the EU is finally on the table. In light of the ongoing national consultation, this fact sheet summarizes economiesuisse’s current assessment and position on the institutional agreement.

In the coming months, the relationship between Switzerland and the EU faces a critical juncture: The decision for or against the proposal of an institutional agreement will determine the future of the bilateral path – and ultimately the competitiveness of the Swiss economy in Europe. 140 bilateral agreements currently govern the Swiss-EU relations. They give Swiss companies preferential access to the European internal market. The proposed institutional agreement applies to five existing market access agreements – the core of the bilateral agreements.

economiesuisse, in principle, supports the conclusion of an institutional agreement with the EU based on the existing draft text. However, economiesuisse also requests certain clarifications by the Federal Council prior to a final decision. The following fact sheet provides an overview on the assessment and position of economiesuisse vis-à-vis the institutional agreement, addresses the most important subjects that require further clarification and requests a roadmap for improved cooperation between Switzerland and the EU.

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